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You might feel your desires stirring, or an electric current turn on in your thoughts. You might wake up rested, refreshed, ready to move. This week, though, the buzz in the air might feel a little less oppositional. Can you remember what it feels like to move with assurance, with ease? Maybe the world has softened.

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Maybe something sharp and clear inside you has just come back into focus. Your powers of observation are sharp and certain, but sometimes this gift can become unwieldy.

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Sometimes, you have to choose not to notice details that are too painful, too strange, too bright. This week, try to be willing to see the full picture of your life — all the brilliant greens and golds, and all the ghosts too. This week, try letting yourself slow down, or else speed up, or else hold still, just for a moment, waiting. This is a week for imagining different patterns of movement and different modes of living. The past holds more than gentle, simple goodness, and the future is made of more than just darkness and thorns.

This week, pay attention to the love, or some anger, or some truth inside you that needs to be spoken. What do you really mean, and how can you say it? The gift is that you can ask for what you need without guilt, without confusion, without any fear that your dreams are too big or too much. You spend so much time searching outside yourself for answers — as though truth can only be found hidden among other people, as though it must be chased down, captured, mid-flight.

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  4. This is a week for looking to the feelings that live in your body, the stories you already know.